Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Usual Suspects.

Not sure if this Layout is finished to be honest but can't see what else to add so I am leaving it as is. The Photos were of my three boys each in the Stocks at Corfe Castle.
I used Crafter's Workshop 6x6 Bricks Stencil to create the background along with texture paste mixed with Red and Brown Acrylic Paint which I pasted through the stencil and once dry I went round the bricks with black Pen and then some White Acrylic Paint to make them more brick like and stand out. And to border the photos to make them stand out more I used The wavy chequered stamp from Dyan's Around The Edge Stamp Set, I stamped image using Black Momento Ink but then went over the image with black pen to make it stand out more.
I then wanted to use the Title The Usual Suspects but didn't have a lot in the way of Alpha Stickers so it hasn't turned out as well as I would have liked but it will do. Before sticking the title in place I gessoed a bit of the background.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Birds Of a Feather Flock Together

Wow a second post from me today, another Layout that was awaiting on a title. Found the title from The Perfect Title site This Layout came about from messing with paper from my scraps box and just felt like tearing, cutting, twirling and layering. It looks a bit of mess in away but I like it lol.
The Photos are of My Eldest Todd feeding the Parakeets at Bristol Zoo. I don't really have much in the way of lettering in my stash so I decided to do the title in my own handwriting using a Black Glaze Sukura Pen.

My Cousin, My Friend

So this is the Layout I started the other day and have finally found a Title I liked and finished it today. If any one has a stack of unfinished Layouts due to lack of Titles I highly recommend checking out The Perfect Title Site. A good online friend of mine Jacqui pointed me in the direction for the site, So thank you Jacqui x
First of all I got some Texture Paste and mixed with some Urban Brown paint and a Crafter's work Shop stencil Wood Grain I used an old card to spread the paste over the stencil to leave a raised bark effect over the card stock. Think I may need to purchase some of these stencils in the 12x12 format soon lol.
If any of you are Dyan Reaveley fans you will have noticed I used the leaves from the Around the Edge Stamp set Which I coloured using two types green ink sprays. If you haven't heard of Dyan, check her out she is great and has some awesome work on her blog.
And the Mushrooms from the Doodle Parts Stamp set which I coloured with my Promarkers.
It took me a while but I found the perfect title, but I was luck to find some perfect alpha stickers from my stash. The photo on the left is my Eldest Todd with my Niece and then The photo on the right is Oscar my Middle son with my Niece. They were posing for me at Monkey World. :) I matted the photos on to some Pink handmade paper and then stuck down them with 3D foam pads and at the bottom of the photos layered some ribbon and lace before sticking the title down.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Provehito In Altum - Launch Forth Into The Deep

So I am a little hooked on 30 Seconds To Mars at the moment, Ok I am hugely loving them right now. So after watching Donna Downey's latest Inspiration Wednesday Video I felt inspired to do some Art Journalling and as I was listening to 30 STM I ended up with this page:

I happened to pop to town and come across some Black Spur Plasterboard tape which is like mesh which looked similar to what Donna had used and I picked up some cheap Acrylic Paints too.

I decided I wanted to use 30 STM symbols here is intertwined 3's standing for 30

This symbol below is An inverted Roman Numeral of 2

Provehito In Altum is the bands motto and means Launch Forth Into The Deep.

And I have done the symbols Clock Hands pointing counterclockwise supposed to mean Seconds. And Drawing of Mars. the two dots represent Phobos and Deimos, Mars' moons. which you can see best in the first picture of the whole page.

I Stuck the tape all over the page and then painted Gesso over the top and then once dry Red and Orange Acrylic Paint and then with pieces of paper I drew out the symbols, cut them out and added tape to them too then stuck them in place and painted in Black Arcylic Paint to make them stand out I used Gesso and White Acrylic paint around the edges.

Love the texture of this page and after using the tape I think I'm going to need to attempt a canvas with it, its great stuff. I think I need to purchase one those tape machines that do the writing can't remember the name of them but I remember my mum having one to do name tapes for clothing lol

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Reach for the Stars

So as promised here is the First Art Journal page I started. I had no idea where I was going with this layout. All I can say is it started with me wanting to play with the Ghosting Technique. But I couldn't get the hang of it at first so I re-inked the page but it got rather grungy but the Ghosting worked this time. But I still didn't like the grunge look this time.

So I wanted to add some colour and texture. I used Crafters Workshop Star Shower and texture paste mixed with Red Acrylic Paint and some Yellow Pebeo volume touch 3D Paint to make the stars stand out. Didn't realise till after using the 3D paint that its supposed to be used for fabric but said other surface too in very small writing. I made it puff up using a heat gun as I didn't want to wait the 24 hrs for it to dry.

I then used the Crafter's Workshop Cubist Stencil with Gesso mixed with Yellow Acrylic paint for the sides.

Still looking rather dull I decided to draw round my hands and colour them in with old felt tips to give some colour.

Last of all I decided to write with my Black Sukura Pen "Reach for the Stars"

Think my Second page which I shared yesterday is the best out of the two lol.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Journal Page :)

So today I woke up to pouring rain outside and as plans were cancelled I decided I was going to stay in the warm for the day with youngest, as it was his day off, and Craft for the day.

I have two Layouts almost complete just haven't the lettering I want yet for the titles so decided to have a play with my Art Journal. I started a page which I will hopefully be able to share later today and as I started on the right side of a double page in my journal I used the left side a a mopping up page so not to waste the excess ink I had used. I then added some acrylic paints in brush strokes not really thinking of what I was doing as Shattered doesn't even cover how I feel today lol.

I bought the Dylusions Doodle Part Stamps recently and wanted to use some of the bits for hair for some time but I don't own any of the face stamps so I attempted to draw my own face. It's not to bad. I then layer the Doodes I wanted to use to make it look like hair shape as I could and coloured them with just ordinary felt tips as I used copier paper. And they actually give a look of texture where they are so old and drying out.

Then as the page still looked a little empty I used the arrows from the doodle parts stamp and I did the writing with a Black Glaze Sukura Pen.

Off to go and finish the first Art Journal page I started :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Yippee it would appear my Mojo is making a return at long last. I have completed a layout ok I'm still undecided if I like it or not but hey ho its a Layout.

The photos are of my youngest Connor playing on the computer and his concentration on the game he was playing. He used to show no interest what so ever in wanting to play now that has all changed and its like world war three breaks out when I say no to any of my three boys now when I want the consoles turned off.

I used a Bella Blvd Mr Boy Sticker to write my journalling on:

I used some Chipboard Arrows coloured with a Black Promarker and some white Acrylic Paint to give some Dimension

I mounted the Photos on to Blue Cardstock to make them stand out and I also inked the edges too in Black Momento Ink.

For the bottom and top of the layout I used a strip from a Kaisercraft Paper Range which I can't remember the name of but it looks like its discontinued as I can't find it on their site to get the name, Sorry.

My New Stencils and Stamp set has arrived today going to attempt another Layout and have a play.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colouring with my Promarkers :)

I have been getting back into Colouring with my Promarkers and being getting some new stamps from a Crafty Selling Page on Facebook, My first port of call in the mornings checking out for bargains :)

First up is my colouring of a Rachelle Anne Miller Stamp, I have been following her blog for some time and love her work and was over the moon when I found one of her stamps for sale on the site. I have my eyes peeled for more :)

I used Grass for the Feet and Head and then Poppy, Yellow, Orange and Cyan for the shell. Then for the Flowers I used Magenta and Gold.

Again I used Grass for the Feet and Head and then for the shell I used Magenta, Yellow, Orange and Cyan. Then for the Flowers I used Yellow and Orange.

Next up is a Teddy Bear Image not sure who the artist is behind this one but its adorable. I used Cinnamon for the Bears along with a Blender Pens. For the chair I used Sky Blue and Yellow and Grass for the Cushion and Slippers and Poppy for the cup and Present.

Then I used the Cinnamon for the Bears again with Blender Pen, Really is the best colour I have for Brown Fur :) I used Pastel Blue for the Newspaper this time and Poppy and Gold for the Chair. Sky Blue for the Cushion and slippers and then Gold and Poppy for the cup :)

Hoping to use these Images to make some Cards but will see. I have some new Promarkers on the way so looking forward to some new colours to play with.
Thank You for Popping by :)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Any Knitters Out there?

Any Knitters out there that would like to help a good cause?, Why not pop over here:

for a pattern to make a little jumper and beanie for the fish and chips babies in Africa. The reason for the name is they are really poor babies, many of whom are born with Aids and that is about all these little souls come into this world with. They are so poor that they are sent home wrapped in newspaper which is why they are called fish and chip babies.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hi So it was my Sister in Laws Birthday on Friday and as I am loving colouring stamped images again at the moment I decided to have a go at making a Birthday Card for her.

So using this sketch I found here:

I used a Elephant Stamp from the Daisy and Dandelion Pickles & Onion Collection as I saw this fitting as my SIL's nick name is Nellie :) I used scrap paper and card from my scrap box so not sure the names of the papers I used.

For the image I used Promarkers to colour. Cool Grey 1 and Blender Pen for the Elephant and then for the cake I used Sky Blue for the cake case, and Buttercup for the Icing, Poppy Red for the Cherries. Cinnamon for the cake and Gold for the candle flame.