Saturday, 9 August 2008

Ok I haven't got alot to show you all this week, and I haven't been on any of the forums I'm joined to recently, but I do have a good excuse and that is because I have got carried away with organising my wedding, Ok its not till next yr in August, but you can never be to early organising lol. But I'm thinking of shareing my planning with you all by starting a Wedding blog. I will post a link when I have set it up.
First off we have a LO completed useing a template by Chrissy w from the Jaelicious template pack. check out her blog here kit i used for papers and embellishements is by Sarah KozulScraps from Sarah Belle the kit was called No Boys, Just Girls freebie kit the photo is of my FIL with my middle son Oscar when he was a baby. I love how this LO turned out and the colours.

this LO was done using a freebie kit called Candyfloss Garden by Mel Hains. I adored her papers and lovely little bugs and flowers. the photo is of Oscar, we were at my mums and he was playing with his eldest brother Todd's Bike. he was fascinated with the bell.

I adore this LO I think for the dark boyish style and it's different style from what usually do. I was so lucky I won this kit and loved using it. The kit is called High Fidelity by Corri Gammon. The photo is of Todd.