Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Colouring with my Promarkers :)

I have been getting back into Colouring with my Promarkers and being getting some new stamps from a Crafty Selling Page on Facebook, My first port of call in the mornings checking out for bargains :)

First up is my colouring of a Rachelle Anne Miller Stamp, I have been following her blog for some time and love her work and was over the moon when I found one of her stamps for sale on the site. I have my eyes peeled for more :)

I used Grass for the Feet and Head and then Poppy, Yellow, Orange and Cyan for the shell. Then for the Flowers I used Magenta and Gold.

Again I used Grass for the Feet and Head and then for the shell I used Magenta, Yellow, Orange and Cyan. Then for the Flowers I used Yellow and Orange.

Next up is a Teddy Bear Image not sure who the artist is behind this one but its adorable. I used Cinnamon for the Bears along with a Blender Pens. For the chair I used Sky Blue and Yellow and Grass for the Cushion and Slippers and Poppy for the cup and Present.

Then I used the Cinnamon for the Bears again with Blender Pen, Really is the best colour I have for Brown Fur :) I used Pastel Blue for the Newspaper this time and Poppy and Gold for the Chair. Sky Blue for the Cushion and slippers and then Gold and Poppy for the cup :)

Hoping to use these Images to make some Cards but will see. I have some new Promarkers on the way so looking forward to some new colours to play with.
Thank You for Popping by :)


Claireliz said...

They are lovely.
C xx

Mini said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad I came to yours - your work is lovely. :o)
Sue x