Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Journal Page :)

So today I woke up to pouring rain outside and as plans were cancelled I decided I was going to stay in the warm for the day with youngest, as it was his day off, and Craft for the day.

I have two Layouts almost complete just haven't the lettering I want yet for the titles so decided to have a play with my Art Journal. I started a page which I will hopefully be able to share later today and as I started on the right side of a double page in my journal I used the left side a a mopping up page so not to waste the excess ink I had used. I then added some acrylic paints in brush strokes not really thinking of what I was doing as Shattered doesn't even cover how I feel today lol.

I bought the Dylusions Doodle Part Stamps recently and wanted to use some of the bits for hair for some time but I don't own any of the face stamps so I attempted to draw my own face. It's not to bad. I then layer the Doodes I wanted to use to make it look like hair shape as I could and coloured them with just ordinary felt tips as I used copier paper. And they actually give a look of texture where they are so old and drying out.

Then as the page still looked a little empty I used the arrows from the doodle parts stamp and I did the writing with a Black Glaze Sukura Pen.

Off to go and finish the first Art Journal page I started :)


Ali said...

Oh wow. Tracey, this is *stunning*!!

It's a gorgeous page.. your doodled face is perfect and I love love love how you've done the hair! This is so bold and vibrant and yet really pretty too - and I love the sentiment. Fab page!

P.S. D'you know you've got word verification turned on on your blog? It can make it hard for people to comment sometimes and some people won't comment it it's turned on. I didn't even know I had it turned on on my blog till someone commented to tell me... turns out Blogger turned it on by default in the last update!!


Nicki Tustin said...

I love your art journal. I have just started one and this puts it to shame lol