Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Well I have been productive in my Photo takeing this week lol. So lots of Photos of Projects I have been doing. Lets start with Carolinez Craftz 10th November Love Elsie Clipboard Class by Caroline.

I love the use of colours in this Class and the different ways texture is added. Ribbon tied to the clip and Peel off outine flower and different pattern papers and fabrc for stem and leaves. This has probaly got to be the first altered projects I've compteted.
next is my attempt at a Willow's Chipboard Heart Mini Book. I don't usually go for these colours and get nervous when it comes to using chipboard and ways of decorating it. But I think it turned out quite well. I'm yet to add photos to it but its ready now for them to be added later.

Now this Class by Louise again over Carolinez Craftz and has got me addicted to Doodling lol. The class was called Doodle Kit. I had great fun doing it and was impressed on how it turned out.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Been a While

wow I haven't been on in a while, how naughty of me. Everyone has probably given up checking my blog for updates lol.

You would think I'd have a lot more to upload but to be honest besides some of my CJ entries, I have been kind of slow getting pages done.

well here we are my CJ entries, first ever CJ I've taken part in too and I really enjoyed it. Unfortunantly I haven't got photos of all my entries but here are the ones I have taken.