Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Double Layout and A single Layout :)

So its only taken me 5 years to Scrap Christmas "07". I have had the photos printed for some time in size 2x3 inches and this was way before I knew about Projects such as Daily December, So they have been sitting there. I decided to put together a double spread and do a Highlight of Christmas for that year.

I didn't use fancy papers this time, just wanted to do a quick and simple layout. I used White Card Stock (the sheets you find in the sleeves of new albums) and then stuck down a sheet of 12x12 Red Paper from a cheap pack that my Mum was Kind enough to pick up. I had to do a little bit of cutting down the photos so they all fit properly and I mounted them up on to some Striped Christmas Paper from Three Bugs in a Rug - North Pole Coboodle Kit. And I also used some stickers from this kit too.

I then used a Black Glaze Sutkura Pen to Doodle and False Stitch around the edge. 

For the second page I did the same as the first and used Three Bugs In a Rug - Plaid sheet from the same Kit to mount the photos. 
I did the same with doodles and used Alphabet Stickers for the title. 

Next up is My Single Layout based on this Digital Template: 
My Adaptation: 
This layout was done using purely Echo Park Papers, Love the bright colours. The Zig Zag part was the fiddly part, as any one knows me working with measurements isn't my idea of fun lol. 
I cut a strip of paper buttons and using a Decorative Punch I bordered either side of the strip and then used a Black Promarker with fine nib to go round the edges and inside the heart to make it stand out. 
I covered Chipboard Stars in patterned papers and then used a Black Promarker to do the outlines again to make them stand out. 
I used Alphabet Stickers to do the title. Some were from Echo Park and others were from Dovecraft. 

So that's it from me, but have quite a few projects that I'm hoping to get going with so hopefully it won't be long till my next post. Also Who's taking part in Daily December this year. I know I have not successfully completed the last years, But I am hoping that this years will be a blast as I have decided to follow in Ali's foot steps with the Album Size and Simplicity. I have found my chosen kit and its an old one I won a while back. All will be revealed soon as I am very excited and keen to get started. If your reading this and have no idea what Daily December is click Here

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Friday, 2 November 2012

My Home Made Costumes and a Layout :)

Hi So since the Blog Hop I participated in I had a mad a rush to get a couple of Costumes put together. Every year our local Christian Centre puts on a Party in the evening, on the same day of Halloween  to try and keep kids entertained so as they won't go Trick or Treating. I personally feel this is great as the kids are able to be dropped off for a couple of hours and play some party games, have a dance at the disco, have tea , still have the chance to get dressed up and generally have a fun time. As really that's all kids want. My boys are certainly more than happy going to the party instead and have tons of fun too. Well apart from my 9 yr old who isn't really into any of it, a handful of sweets and he's happy lol.

So this years theme was The Ugly Bug Ball, So I spent Three days in a row putting together Middle Son Oscar's Costume - The Hungry Caterpillar and my Youngest Connor's Lady Bird Costume.

I absolutely love how these turned out. I found picture on Pinterest which linked to a tutorial on how to make a Caterpillar Costume for a 2 year old. But I adapted it to fit a 6 + year old (it fits my 9 yr old to, So will do for future book weeks :) ) Instead of felt and just one colour I picked up two shades of green in this type of silky furry fabric, though it was nice as it gives a look of different texture as the fabric moved. I used different coloured ribbon down the spine, but had an issue with Fraying so clear nail varnish came in handy to seal the ends. If I were to do the costume again I would probably go for pieces of felt. I made drawstring neck and bottom. and the middle parts I put in elastic. Because I made the costume a tad to long I hoisted the costume up a little and wrapped a belt round Oscar and then let the costume flow over it.

The Hat, was a lucky find. I found a site called Fleece Fun where there are lots of different templates and best of all they are free, I picked up some Red Fleece from the local fabric shop and some Royal Blue and Yellow Squares of Felt for the eyes and Antennas and then followed the instructions to make the Bug hat I had found but I sewed in place the eyes before putting the whole hat together.

Connor's Costume was more quick and Simple. I had in mind to sew some panels of black felt on to the front of a red t-shirt, but whilst searching for the Wings and Deely Boppers I had placed some where in the house after buying them from the Pound Shop a while back, I found some black and Red with Black Spots Fur Fabric which I forgot I had. So my whole plan changed to making  a simple Ta-bard, Plain black at the front and the spotty at the back and then wings and boppers on job done.

Today has been the first day I have scrapped anything in a while Ukscrappers has just had a Cybercrop, I think its just coming to the end saying that. And I have been lurking about and checking out the classes. I have to say your spoilt for choice as to which to start first. There are seriously some very talented people out there, the classes are all stunning. So if you find your stuck for something to do or need to kick start your mojo go and take a peek, you wont be disappointed.

Here is my layout take from The Patchwork Papers Class by Suzysnail :
I tried my hand at Machine Stitching again, not fantastic, but it will do. I inked the Blue Card Stock with black ink before sticking it to the main Brown Card Stock and I decided once everything was stuck in place it needed some thing else to make the papers stand out a little so I added false stitching using my Black Glaze Sukura Pen.
I then used this little Butterfly Pin in fabric flower embellishment by websters that I got in a sale as it seemed fitting. Though I feel it needs some more sparkle, so may add some another day when I have some lol.
Then my Title, simple "I love you Mum" as the photo is of my Mum. Its very rare to manage to get a photo of her so felt I had to scrap it. I used letter Stickers from Echo Park and then Thickers to spell out Mum and as they didn't stand out I used my Black Sukura Pen to out line the letters.
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