Thursday, 21 January 2010

Just a quick post with my p365 page made using Chrissy W's photo a day template. For some reason my Week starts Friday and ends on the Thursday for my LOs lol. But anyway I'm pleased with the fact I have been able to keep up so far :)

I hope to have some more Craft projects uploaded over the next few days as I have just managed to print off a load of photos :) And I have also managed to get on to my computer and transfer everything to my portable Hard Drive so I have easier access to everything, also Hubby is going to help me back everything up to cd as well :)

Friday, 15 January 2010

Just a quick post, I just did this digi LO using Dawn Inskips newest kit Zodiac. And wanted to share :)
Got a few bits to share today :) Firstly here is my 2nd week of my P365
For this LO I used another of Chrissy's Photo A Day kit and Bigraffiti's Simple Salutions P365 Kit dates. I can't remember which kit I got the papers from. (note to self, must write the names of bits I use as I go lol)

Here is my feedback from CJ regarding my end product for the 12 Days of Xmas course :) I have decided that I do need to invest in a better camera as in some ways I feel my camera is what holds me back to getting photos :( .

And Finally my Kaisercraft Crate I loved making this and impressed on how it turned out. It took me half a day to make. I used Love Struck Papers - St Valentine and Sweet Heart.

I used Kaisercraft Blue and Silver packs of Rhinestones to put down the sides and top of the crate and in the middle of the flowers. I love adding bling.

The ribbon I chose out of a bundle I have so I'm not sure on the name of the manufacture sorry but I put one length round the bottom and tied some on the handles.

I cut out the shapes and flowers from the St Valentines Paper and made them 3D using foam pads.

I'm really proud of myself too apart from buying the Crate from Chrissy at Merly Impressions I used left over scraps that I had left over from another project I have been doing. Which is almost complete just need to get some photos printed for it. Hope to have finished really soon. :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

I have had such a fab Day today, I actually managed to venture out to Wilton to go to a new Scrapbooking crop that started today, it was brillient. Cleo Jarvis Kindly put a fantastic kit together with instructions on how to make some LOs as she was unable to make the group personally. I will show my LOs soon, just need to add the photos. But have to say I managed to get 3 LOs ready so watch this space.

I been mooching this evening on DST looking at the kits out and came across Lindsey Jane at Pickleberrypop's kit Winter Frost. I fell in love with it when I saw it, I love the colours and for anyone that knows me I'm always drawn to blue and sparkly silvers and blues lol.

And here is my LO :) I used my Photo Triptych that I did for Cheryl Johnson's 12 days of xmas course. I'm quite proud as I didn't use a template, I made the layout from scratch :)

Oh and how could I almost forget? My Holidays In Hand Digital LOs arrived that I submitted to DS Colour Labs and they are Fantastic I'm really pleased with them and have a feeling I will be getting another order in real soon.

My Husband had a look at them and says he prefers Digi to paper scrapping he likes the fact they are flat and can be put in a album and not have to worry about bits falling off. (He doesn't do Scrapbooking, it's his preference after seeing my digi and paper LOs). As for me to be honest I can't make up my mind which I prefer. I suppose I have been more drawn to Digi, but I think it's because its easier to set up and put aside if need be which helps when you have children about. I tend to do paper scrapping when I know that I'm not going to get interupted all the time and have to worry about keeping bits away from the kids.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Completed my first week of January 2010 Project 365 page.

I used Chrissy's A photo a day template
and Spinky Dink Scraps Future Star paper andthe blue circle bits from Latham Designs Tiny Boy Kit.
I have submitted my End Product to the 12 Days of Xmas :) So here it is

Well I better be off and make a start on my P365 got the photos just got do the LO so watch this space lol
Hello, Ok the 12 Days Of Xmas Photography course ended last night well it was the last day to upload end product which was to choose your 6 fave photos from the course. I have to say I haven't got that far :( I have managed to do 11 out of the 12 assignments. Which ok isn't to bad, as I have been rather buisy. but I really had hoped I'd complete the course in time.
I had a play today with making a Triptych using photos of my youngest in the snow. There is fab tutorial here which I found really useful - I used 3 seperate photos where in the tutorial he uses 1 landscape photo. I love my Triptych, I think it came out really well :) .
And here are my photos for another assignment taking pics of candles which I took last night. I made the room pitch black, lit a candle set my camera to macro, Tungsten, ISO 100 and took close up shots with the flash off. They came out rather well.

Had a play at Bright Dancing the other night for another of the assignments, that was fun. just a camera and torch needed. :)

This is mine and hubby's fave :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I have finally put in my order to DS Colour Labs - After a few phone calls as to them my LOs were ready to be put through. They were so helpful when I called they talked me through what I needed to do so I could get the best quality prints from my LOs. I'm so excited and they should be here in the next day or so.

Well I thought I'd give a little tutorial in how to get LOs ready for printing. I hope the following is helpful and its quite simple really. Click on my pictures to make them a little bigger if you need too.

I'm using photoshop Elements 8 to make my layouts and have to say I have only just taught myself how to make a LO with out a template which is the LO below. (may do a tutorial for setting up your page in a bit if your lucky lol)

Heres the finished LO I just did for this Tutorial. The Following Tutorial is for 12 x 12 Layouts.

So you have finished your LO here is what your screen should look like.

At the top left click on Image > Resize > Image Size Alt+ctrl+l

The following box should appear, In the Document Size Section click the cm and change to Inches. So then Make sure the Width and Height read 12 and the resolution reads 300 (this is the DPI and shouldnt be any higher or lower) once done click on ok.

Next go to the top again left click on Image then click on Covert Colour profile then click on to Covert to sRGB profile

You can now save your LO as a Jpeg and once saved if you go and find your saved Jpeg on your computer and right click then on the list left click on properties, right click on the heading details then the following should be the same
  • Dimentions 3600x3600
  • Width 3600 pixels
  • Height 3600 pixels
  • Horizontal Resolution 300 dpi
  • Vertical Resolution 300 dpi
  • Bit depth 24
  • Resolution Unit 2
Colour Representaion sRGB
The highlighted is important but if you follow the tutorial you jpeg should have these stats and they will be ready to upload to DS Colour Labs anyways not sure about other companies as I haven't looked in to them. Hope the above helps and works for you.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Well I said the Challenges I was going to take in my last post and had made a promise not to take on any more, but seeing as the challenges 365 - I am just adding pics each day to a weekly digi template and that the project twelve LO needs to be done at the end of each month after collecting the photos I'd have a go at this one - Scrap Weekly 2010 found here - after all the prompt sounded quite fitting for the challenges I have taken on and I already wanted to record what I'm looking forward to and my hopes and word for what I'm focusing on this yr and I was in a crafting mood. What more does a girl need for an excuse to craft lol. Well here is My first LO of the yr 2010. :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

I have finally completed my HIH and have to say looking at the pages I've done I can't wait to have them printed in a book, just finding it hard to find a UK based printing shop that does 12x12 books at a good price.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Firstly I would like to say Happy New Yr to everyone who reads my blog and hope you all have a fantastic yr. I have a feeling this is going to be a good yr for me :) I got tickets for Kelly Clarkson concert in Feb for xmas so can't wait for then, My folks have paid for me to go on the Scrap-a-mia 2010 retreat which is at New Place, Shirell Heath Southampton on the 22nd - 23rd of May for an xmas present and then in September my middle son should be starting school as long as we can get him potty trained in time so thats one challenge for now till then.

Talking of Challenges I have been having a look at all the challenges being posted on the forums and thinking of having ago at the following -

I want to focus on being Happy and Organised in both life and craft. I want to get in the habbit of taking more photos and feel the above challenges will help me to accomplish the above.

But before I start getting bits ready for the above I am determind to complete the Holidays In Hand Project I've been doing, I now only have 5 LOs left to complete, Which I'm going to get on with today. But here are my LOs that I have caught up with this week.