Sunday, 30 March 2008

Just a couple of LO's this evening

As part of Carolinez use up stash challenge I put together these LO's using left overs from Laura's 16th June class which can be found here And I used some more bits of Cardstock from my left over box too. My inspiration for these LO's are from Jayne's pom pom and Kiera class which can be found here:

I had real fun doing these, it was the first time I have used paint on a LO and I managed to put my Scrapboss to use.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

In The Mix Books

Here are my two in the mix books. I did one Spiderman Theme for my Eldest. I used papers, brads and ribbons. For the second book I did a Bob the Builder theme and because I couldn't find any papers or anything to do with the theme I decided to use fabric and get iron on applique characters, along with stapels and ribbon. I used In the Mix chipboard book from Carolinez Craftz. I intend to add a pic of my boys in two each of their books to show how they have changed over the year.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sorry I have taken so long to upload some new pics. To be honest i've only just been on a role on with projects this week.
I have yet to take photos of my In the Mix book for Todd but hope to get them uploaded once I've completed Oscar's.
but onwards with what I have done.

heres my Boy Maze book, the kit can be bought from Carolinez Craftz and the class can be found on the Forum or on Sprinkles. The class was put together by our newest DT member Sarah, who has some fantastic work on her blog

Here is my attempt at a Class put together by Jayne another DT member of Carolinez Craftz
heres her blog link another fab scrapper I absolutly loved the papers in this kit and was amazed with the outcome and how using 2 sheets of Patternd paper you can make a stunning page that looks asthough you have only used one sheet. And whats even more cool is i have still got bits left over that can be used to make another LO or card even.
And finally for the moment a class put together by Louise another DT member. heres her blog link I loved this class too. This kit was given to all the DT members and they had to put a class together and then they were all posted for people to choose which class they wanted to follow. I have to say it was a tough call but chose Louise because i liked how she used the waste. it was a sheet which had pop out tags and once all popped out used on the LO. Plus my mum brought a photo up of me Oscar when he was about 6 months and Todd, taken at Farmer Palmers and i really liked it and it went well with this LO. Sorry the pick is slightly small.

I am slowly getting through all the classes i have bought over the year. But having 3 boys under five is very time consuming and tireing LO.
Here's a link to Sprinkles , lots of free inspiration and the classes are posted too and you can purchase the kits from Carolinez Craftz. As you you can tell I'm a huge fan LOL.
thanks for taking a look and please leave a comment I love to know what people think and any ideas.