Monday, 5 February 2007

Mass Tidying, Where does all the space go?

Well I been doing a mass Tidy of the flat and keep looking at all my art and scrapbook stash thinking how I can sort it all out, and whats the best storage solution.

Well I've been told by the other half that I can't buy any more Stuff till I have used all that I have got already, that is a challenge and a half lol.

so what are peeps upto across the world? any storage solutions would be great.

Friday, 2 February 2007

For this page I tried to stick to three colours, I used my first set of alphabet dies - Nouvez set and my flower punches. I like how the page turned out as I tried to keep it simple.

noooo unfortunatly the puppies are not mine, I found the photo browsing the internet and decided to use it.
We went to wilton house me, my partner, his dad and my boys and it was a good day.

well I'm proud of this page it was my first time ever doing heat embossing and makeing a poket and tag, I printed the image and embossed it then the ones that worked well i cut out and stuck them on the page so there was no smudges.

I took this photo through glass at Longleat, I absolutly love it and think it came out really well.
I used a layout idea from the project part on the Docraft site. It was my first time I had done a little book attached to the page and think it worked quite well. I also used flower punches to do some flowers to stick on the plain green paper which is at the back of the photo. In the booklet is more photos of the otters.
The only thing I'm not keen on in the page is the way I did the title.
I saw somebodys page using two pages and weaving them together on the Docrafts Gallery so I decided to try it out. And that is how I came to this page. I found the font on a free font site. and my bigshot arrived in time to use it to cut the dragonflys out for the page. I like the colours and how the page came together. And love the photos I used too.

Another great day, it was spent at my best friends place in the garden. The kids were having fun in the paddling pool. I found how to make these origami butterflys in a magazine and had a go. And I used foam letters from ELC for the title and some sticky ribbons.
At the bottom of the page, I drew some wasp stencils and cut them out and stuck yellow paper at the back so they'd stand out.

This is another page I love, first time I had ever done stamping. though I have to admit that most of the stamping apart from paw prints were done by my partner.

I loved taking all the photos of the cats of our street as they gave alot of character to round here. You would find it hard to believe they were all related to one another, and they all kept an eye on one another. It's just a shame they have all moved lately due to people moving.

On the second page I tried my hand at Iris Folding, the only mistake I made was I didn't fold the strips lol, at least I know for next time I try.

This page I like, it reminds me of what a good day we had out me, my boys, my father in law, my best friend with her family and my folks. My eldest had so much fun splashing in the sea and i think I did well capturing the best moments of the day.
I even wrote the name of the beach in the sand which I thought was good to use for the title. Though I hadn't at the time decided i was going to do a page on the day.
It was when I got home to find My eldest had brung sand home in his shoes and sea weed and shells in his pockets that I decided I was going to do a page and add them to it. So I made little raised frames using acetate sticky pads and seaish paper. I think it turned out quite well and at the time I didn't know about journalling or hiding photos etc.

I am impressed with this page, as I went in a shop only bought 1 sheet of 12x12 paper, green frame kit and a book of 6 x 6 of different green background papers and the autum leaf stickers. I didn't buy anything else I was really good.
I got home and did this page. I like it and it looks different from the others i have done.

Not so sure about this page - I like the photos, the writing and the duck and photos but I think the shimmery plastic that I used as frames didn't work as well as I wanted it to.

The font I used for the tittle was found on a free font site. And I tried useing a different kind of paper and using the paper tearing techneque I found in a Scrapbooking magazine.

love to know your thoughts on it.

well I love this page and think it's probably one of my best. The Photos are of my youngest. The one in the middle he was only a few days old.

The page was done using a heart and frame kit and light blue and dark blue card and a heart punch.

I have to say Blue is my favourite colour.

This was my second page, I had so many photos of my eldest playing in cars and washing cars I decided I must use them so the title Boy Racer came straight to mind.

I found a picture of a car that I liked after googling the Internet. And I decided hexagon photo frame stop signs would look good.

This was my first attempt at Scrapbooking. My eldest son loves Finding Nemo so I decided to do a page useing the theme.
I gathered loads of colouring pics of the
interenet and resized all the characters so they looked right against one another. There was some quite fiddly bits as I used tracing paper so I could get the colours in the right places.
I'm quite proud of the end result and my eldest loves it too.