Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Well Last Saturday was the UKs Cyber Crop and On Saturday I managed to get my OH to take the boys out for a couple hours so I could get some peace and quiet and a chance to join in with the crop. I sadly only managed to get two of the Classes done due to getting side tracked with their quizes and photo challenges lol But I have saved all the Classes and aiming to get through them over the next few weeks. The theme for the cyber crop was whodunnit so we all had play along as detectives. We even had to interrogate Mystery Guests to find out who they were. And the quizzes were along the lines of detective shows and finding various things in a varity of different online shops which was good fun.
I have to appologise the photos weren't fantastic but here are the two LO's I mangaged to complete -
My take on the "In The Frame" - The Kit was from Art base

And my take on the "Black and Blue" class by AnniB
I intend over the next few weeks to catch up on the 52Q challenge and to complete the rest of the classes from the cybercrop. I have just been very tired recently so my scrapping is lacking.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I decided I needed a real kick up the back side this yr to get my Scrapbooking back on track. So when I came across Emily Falconbridges 52Q Challenge I thought why not it's simple and wont be so time consuming like alot of the other projects I had seen about. You can find the details of the challenge here - but basically each week (on sun/mon) she will post a new question to ask yourself, which can be interpreted in any way and journalled through words and scraps and art on your chosen surface. I chose to use a scolloped circle chipboard album and Papermania's Monochromatic Collection.
Heres what I have done so far:
This is the front cover ( couldn't bear to add the title once I got this far so left it like this)

This is the inside cover - ( it needed to have a title so this is where I decided to put it. Think this page could have turned out better, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it.)

This is the first page Q1 - ( I need to add the Question which is - what do I wish for this year to bring? not sure how I'm going to add this to the page as of yet.)
Page 2 - ( is the answer to Q1 - I’m wishing that this year brings me and my family some luck. I’m hoping our Wedding goes to plan and that I actually have the time to get everything perfect for the big day. And I hope that we manage to find our first family home to buy and be in it before the year is out. )

I had more to add to the answer but it wouldn't fit so I will be making another page to put this bit in - And most all I hope to find the strength from somewhere to be happy with myself and my decisions.