Saturday, 21 April 2012

Provehito In Altum - Launch Forth Into The Deep

So I am a little hooked on 30 Seconds To Mars at the moment, Ok I am hugely loving them right now. So after watching Donna Downey's latest Inspiration Wednesday Video I felt inspired to do some Art Journalling and as I was listening to 30 STM I ended up with this page:

I happened to pop to town and come across some Black Spur Plasterboard tape which is like mesh which looked similar to what Donna had used and I picked up some cheap Acrylic Paints too.

I decided I wanted to use 30 STM symbols here is intertwined 3's standing for 30

This symbol below is An inverted Roman Numeral of 2

Provehito In Altum is the bands motto and means Launch Forth Into The Deep.

And I have done the symbols Clock Hands pointing counterclockwise supposed to mean Seconds. And Drawing of Mars. the two dots represent Phobos and Deimos, Mars' moons. which you can see best in the first picture of the whole page.

I Stuck the tape all over the page and then painted Gesso over the top and then once dry Red and Orange Acrylic Paint and then with pieces of paper I drew out the symbols, cut them out and added tape to them too then stuck them in place and painted in Black Arcylic Paint to make them stand out I used Gesso and White Acrylic paint around the edges.

Love the texture of this page and after using the tape I think I'm going to need to attempt a canvas with it, its great stuff. I think I need to purchase one those tape machines that do the writing can't remember the name of them but I remember my mum having one to do name tapes for clothing lol


alexa said...

The mesh texture looks wonderful!

Claireliz said...

Cool page, love the texture of the mesh.
C xx

Pam said...

Love all the art journalling-the mesh is great!!