Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm no Betty Crocker lol

Afternoon all I have decided I am no Betty Crocker lol
I came across this fantastic cake made by Ang a couple of weeks back which included a tutorial too, take a look here, she also has some other fantastic creations too :)
What I found cool other than the adorable spider was the Poka Dot effect.
So of course I had to have a go first I made a standard cake using an Anabel Karmel Birthday Cake recipe and added Yellow and Red Food Dye.
Then once cooled I crumbled the cake and combined the crumbs with Rich & Creamy Icing, Vanilla flavour. (Sorry photo not great)
Next was the fun part making the cake pops, We don't have a Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker which looks awesome, So we used a Kitchen Craft Non Stick Scissor Homemade Meatball Maker. My two youngest Oscar and Connor had great fun making these.
Connor showing off the cake balls
bit of a close up shot:
We then made up Betty Crockers Devil's Food cake and place half and whole cake balls in to the mix in the cake tin similar to how Ang did it.
Once cooked I used some more Rich & Creamy Icing, Vanilla flavour mixed with Red and Yellow food dye and covered the cake before adding a layer of White Ready to Roll Icing.
I made a cupcake which I added Rich & Creamy Icing, Vanilla flavour mixed with Black and Red Food Dye and then a couple of green smarties for eyes.
I used chocolate sauce for the web.
Inside the cake it turned out how I wanted and I suppose for a Halloween a messy cake is a good cake lol
Not so great at cutting slices.

All in all the cake didn't turn out too bad, I think If and when I do it again I wont put so much of the Devils Food Cake in to the tin as it took just over an hour too cook :( I wouldn't use chocolate sauce for the web as its just too runny and also I would let the cakes cool a lot longer before adding the frosting and icing. Oh and I would use Ready Rolled Icing too next time as I dislike rolling it myself lol. But it tasted good which is the main thing :)


sutty said...

It looks great :) Bet there isn't much left - we used to make marble cake a bit like this with my Mum...I'll have to have a go again - thanks for the inspiration :)

Kate said...

Glad to hear it tasted good and the boys looked like they were having fun!

** Kate **

Linda said...

Looks like great fun!

Sue said...

Wow - that's great - I'll bet the kids loved it!

Claireliz said...

Fab halloween cake, bet the boys loved it, I must not let my DD see this!!! lol
C xx

Pam said...

wow-how clever are you!!

jennifer said...

It looks cool, yes a bit messy but I've never made a cake with children as assistant that didn't end up a bit gloopy round the edges! And it makes it extra spooky for halloween! Great idea to use black and red too. x