Sunday, 24 July 2011

Shimelle's Explore Class, I am playing along but slowly lol

Hi peeps I was lucky enough to win a place on Shimelle's new class Explore which you can sign up too on her Blog. The Class Started Monday last week so I'm currently playing catch up as it has been a rather emotional and stressful couple of weeks.

Part of the first Prompt was to make a Play Book so that has been what I have been focusing on today. Here are the photos I have chosen which I have taken when going Exploring round where I live :)

Second Part of the Prompt was to take a Self Portrait with our Camera in the shot. This was the hardest part as I don't take photos of myself and I don't really like photos of me either but I have to say these shots didn't turn out to bad, I had to do a bit of editing to make the photos lighter. The First photo of me is the one I chose for my Playbook.

Here is my Front cover and my photo of me for My Play book. :)
I am playing along but very slowly, had an issue with my Computer and nearly lost everything as I didn't even get a chance to back up. But thankfully hubby as rescued everything. Just need to sort out getting everything put back on to the computer.


Ali said...

Glad you're playing along - I missed a week but am still going slowly! Gorgeous photos of your area, and the self portrait is fab, you shouldn't worry!!

Roz said...

Wow, stunning views of where you live!!
I might sign up for Shimelle's Christmas journal thingy this year if she does another one...