Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi folks, its been along time. I think my Mojo was in order for a stern telling off lol but think it may be back, will have to see lol.

I decided to do some blog hopping over the time of my absence to see if I could get any inspiration along with some motivation to get back in to crafting. On looking I found that alot of people have taken to doing Art Journals and decided I'd like to have a go :)

It's early days but I've found doing the pages I have so far that I'm wanting to get scrapping again :) So anyway here are the pages I've done so far for my Art Journal :

My first page was Hope - I was feeling rather positve that day and felt things were coming together for me, so this page portrays my hopes and I need to be more positive in life. I did a watercolour back ground and used a black felt tip and whisper pens.

My second Page, well lets just say since my decision to get back to my driving lessons, haveing a car is all that has been on my mind lol I've always had a dream of having a sporty family car with metalic blue running into metalic green and then either a tribal or dragon design down the side. I have another idea for colours too which I may do a page to show eventually which is a black sporty car with flames around the bottom and bonet. I like different.

I did the page using chalks as a base then black pen round edges and I used my whispers pens again (finally putting them to use).

Page 3, Inspired after looking at a tatoo magazine (love tatoo designs but wouldn't get a tatoo, not brave enough either lol) saw the Angle wings and it reminded me of how I was so good at school and in general, did everything I was told and had my future planned. But came 18 and things changed. Hubby says this page is cheesey but so what lol.

I used chalks for the base and black pen and Whisper pens for the rest.

Page 4, This page came from Just the feeling of never having enough time and Im sure everyone feels like this at times.

I used green watercolours for the background and as usual my black pen and Whispers pens.

My last page to show you is my bird one, I love my drawing I found a picture after googling where the artist used watercolours, I used colouring pencils to copy it as I wanted to record in my journal of how I rescued two starlings and also that day I did this page I rescued one and released it only to witness a cat come out of know where trying to get it. Not sure the poor mite escaped or not but I felt so sorry for it.

So that's it for the time being but Im sure I will have more to share soon.


Chrissy said...

Hi Tracy,

Wow!! you have been busy, glad to see you have your mojo back.

Take care,
Chrissy. xxx

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Loving your journalling Tracey, well done