Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hi peeps been along time, thought I'd share some pics of what I have been up the past week. I have been organising my Middle Son's Birthday Party :) He wanted a Penguin theme so I booked a party to be held at a Local Soft Play Center caller Coolplay, as it had a North Pole setting and made a Penguin Birthday Cake.

The cake Started of it's life as a bear, Using a wilton 3D cuddley bear pan and 3 mixtures of an Annabel Cake recipe, which I love, as do the family.

I was very worried that the cake wasn't going to make it out of the pan one piece as I had tried it making the cake once before and it didn't work. This time round I bought some Cake release which worked a treat :)

I then cut of the bears ears and made some butter icing in a black, white and yellow. and I used 2 chocolate buttons with Jelly Tots stuck on with writing Icing.

For the wings I used black Icing that I rolled out and cut to a wing shape. And for the Beak I used yellow Icing and molded it into shape. I then attached the Wings and Beak to the body using cocktail sticks :)

I also made up some little boxes for the cake to be taken home in. Helen over at was really kind and cut me some boxes using her bigshot XL box die and kindly let me use her idea for my boxes :) Mine are slightly different as I used my snowflake embossing folder to give the snow part some texture and used stickles to give a bit of sparkle. I was a bit late in buying some penguin stickers like the ones Helen used, But was lucky to find some other penguin stickers in Poole Gallery in Poole.

All 8 boxes made up :)
I found these fab 3" plastic cups for 85p each for the party bags, so I bought 10. But as only 8 friends came me and hubby have a cup each of our own now lol
I also asked my MIL to pick up some bubbles and chocolate penguins for the party bags too and she got some little jungle puzzles where you mix the picture and then try and get it back to normal again.
I made up the invitations using
and they turned out like this:
I found the poem some where online and adjusted it to suit the invitation :)
Everyone had fun and loved the party bags and little cake boxes and the staff at Coolplay said they thought the cake looked fab and thought it was store bought lol. I definantly need to improve my icing skills though as I think it could been a little better.

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Chrissy said...

What a cool cake Tracey, wish you lived nearer, would ask very nicely if you could make one for my daughters birthday lol. xxx

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