Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Card & Create 10 LO

Just a card and LO today to share, Firstly here is a card that I made that I'm hoping to send to a family relative of mine to say sorry that I haven't been in touch for along time and to thank them for coming my Wedding. I made it using some scraps of card and papers I had and a Rachelle Anne Miller Stamp (not sure the name of the actual stamp).

I'm not so great at stamping so went over the image with a black Sukura Pen and coloured it in with a a normal colour pencils nothing fancy lol.
And last of all my LO for the Create 10 class 4.

Mine turned out rather differently from the class and think I still need to add a title or something as it looks rather simple and plain at the moment. I drew around a sheet of Bo Bunny Persuasion Foeever Die Cut on to some green cardstock, then using a craft knife cut it out and used the frame it left, if that makes sence. I then drew fake stitching using my Black Sukura Pen.

I used strips of paper and one piece of ribbon above :) didnt have any fabric at the time of making so thought paper would be just as good.

I followed the instructions to make the clothes line and then trying to make them stand out a little I used my Black Sukura Pen again and drew outlines around each of the t-shirts.

I'm not sure my paper flower worked out to well, I didnt have any fabric and even though I had some unused dish cloths I thought I'd have a go with paper lol. I added a button though to the middle to neaten it up.
I still got class 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to do but I'll get there. Just been pre-occupied with other things the past few days lol. Also got to catch up on my P365 again as I have fallen behind again :(
Well till next time thankyou for looking :)

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