Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello, Ok the 12 Days Of Xmas Photography course ended last night well it was the last day to upload end product which was to choose your 6 fave photos from the course. I have to say I haven't got that far :( I have managed to do 11 out of the 12 assignments. Which ok isn't to bad, as I have been rather buisy. but I really had hoped I'd complete the course in time.
I had a play today with making a Triptych using photos of my youngest in the snow. There is fab tutorial here which I found really useful - I used 3 seperate photos where in the tutorial he uses 1 landscape photo. I love my Triptych, I think it came out really well :) .
And here are my photos for another assignment taking pics of candles which I took last night. I made the room pitch black, lit a candle set my camera to macro, Tungsten, ISO 100 and took close up shots with the flash off. They came out rather well.

Had a play at Bright Dancing the other night for another of the assignments, that was fun. just a camera and torch needed. :)

This is mine and hubby's fave :)

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