Saturday, 12 December 2009

Here's my Festive Portrait photos I took for CJ's photography course. I'm not keen on taking pics of myself there's always something I don't like.
Day 1 Balancing Act was playing with the WB Settings with Flash on and off. The pictures for this Assignment are in the past few posts as Uploaded them as I did them. I learn't that with the type of light we have in our house Tungsten is the best setting to haveing on indoors. And I'm finding I'm always playing with the WB settings before taking a photo where as before I had kept my camera set to WB Auto and Auto Flash.
Day 2 Spell It Out - Assignment to take a photo that speaks to the viewer.
I took this photo at Tescos whilst waiting for some photos to be printed. This was only a quick go so I'm sure when time is on my side I could do better.
Day 3 Custom and Practice. The assignment was to try some photographic rules and breaking them. Have to say I don't think I quite got it but these were the photos I submitted, they were of my youngest making xmas cards at a Christmas Crafts course were attending.
I set my Camera to Auto Flash and WB Tungsten but the photos came out rather yellow. Need more practice. I like the angle of the shot though in the first picture.
Day 4 Illuminations. Assignment to try and take some photos of pretty lights. Here's my attempt and personally I don't feel I did too well. The following were taken with Auto Flash On and WB set to Cloudy
As you can see they didn't come out very well especially the cable lol. The following are take with Auto Flash Set to Off and WB set to Cloudy
again with Auto Flash off and set to WB Cloudy. But I wobbled the camera by accident but love the effect lol.
Ok and this is where I got left behind :( and it was only a 12 day course. I'm hoping to play catch up over the next few days. I have my assignments and info to refer back to saved on my computer :)

Next up Shabby Princess has a free Recipe Card and Hybrid Folder for download on her site here -
and I can't take credit for the recipes on the following cards either as I found these on, fab site definantly work a look. I'm intending to make the chocolate chip cookies hopefully tomorrow if I have time or monday.
I have finished my Cat Sculpture which I will try and post later Just need to upload the photos and resize them so they will upload.

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