Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Had ago at filling my Holidays In Hand pages with writing and photos. I'm kinda doing a diary of each day to include our preps for xmas and on the days I don't have photos or the day was rather boring eg just house work lol I'm going to try and include the prompts but they wont be in order, I'm trying to make the class fit in with my everyday life so we have some kind of record of things we did in Dec 09 to the lead up of christmas if that makes sence. Here are the pages I have done so far. Got a couple to do tonight, just need to get my photos together.

I decided to have a go at Assignment 6 Festive Walk again so here are my photos
I think out of the three greenery photos the one below would have to be my fave as I love how the snow has settled on top of the hedge, kind of reminds me of cakes sprinkled with iceing sugar. I also love the colours.
I took this one of my Youngest too, though I don't think it fits in with the assignment but it was taken of him whilst on our walk to pick my middle son up.

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