Thursday, 14 May 2009

As usual been a while since I last posted, but I have some bits to show so I haven't been sat doing nothing lol.

Ok to start with I have fallen behind on the 52 Questions Challenge, but I have all the questions saved along with my answers, so it's just a case of doing the pages. But here are the pics of where I have got too.

I finally got round to adding the title to this page though I'm not sure I like it, in some ways I feel I ruined the page.

Here's my page for Question 2 - Am I afraid of Change? the title came out a bit wonky, but I like how it turned out and like how I used scraps of black paper to make the edges.

Here's my answer to the above Question - To be honest I don’t think I am. Though I like to have some kind of daily routine to an extent where it concerns my boys, I don’t like feeling that things are going to stay the way they are for the rest of my life. To me it’s boring and gets me rather depressed. I need a change every now and then to give me a little excitement and feel more alive and proof there is more to life.

Here's my page for Question 3 and I love how my fairy for the page turned out.

Here's a little close up pick of the fairy, can you guess who it is?

yep you guessed it, it's Tinker Bell. I found a colouring picture and printed it out and coloured it in an then used some stickles to give her a little sparkle.

I have absolutly fallen in love with the Daisy & Dandilion Range, Especially the Stamps. So when my Mum's Birthday was coming round the corner I Knew I had to Make my Mum's Birthday card and as I was deperate to use my new stamps, I decided to use Daisy and Dandilon on the card, they are such cute pups.

I stamped the images and coloured them in using my Whispers Pens, which I have to say I have had for such a long time and never used them, they were one of those spur of the moment buys but not sure how to put them to use lol. I stuck the bee and butterfly on to sticky pad so they stood out. And for the flower I put two types of paper flowers together and then a flower rhinestone in the middle with a brad put through the middle to hold the whole thing together. I used Daisy & Dandilion patterned paper and some ribbon from my stash.

And I think last of all to show is my latest Digi LO. I been so out of touch with Digi, but when I saw the latest kits by Dawn Inskip I felt I had to get them and I actullay felt inspired to try and get back in to Digi scrapping. My only problem I'm haveing is - 1) I'm running out of space on my lap top that I have had to start sending my zip files to my PC till I can back them up on to dvds.

And 2) I'm desperatly wanting to get my LO's that I have done so far printed in to a 12x12 book, but its all so daunting what with there being so many companies to choose from, so many paper choices and then there's all the terms used and things needing to be done before the files can be sent to the company for printing. I'm so confused. And have left a many questions on this topic in various forums but unfortunantly still feel over whelmed.

Any way heres my latest Digi LO and this page I did using Dawn Inskips The Living Seas and a Template by No Reimer Reason (Amber Reimer) The photos are of my youngest son Connor he had a fab time at the beach back in August 2008.

I have more projects to share with you all, so I will get my camera charged up and try and get piccys posted in the next few days.

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Dawn said...

Hi Tracey - so good to hear from you hun - glad you're OK - and enjoying digi-scrapping :) Wonderful photo's, projects and of course your Living Seas LO is perfect :) So glad you're inspired, your digi scrapping is wonderful.

Take care xx