Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lion Pics to share

Hi Peeps, Really sorry I haven't posted in some time. To be honest I haven't been all that Crafty since my last post. Family life has kind of got in the way, I'm trying so hard to get our house the way I would like in amongst teaching youngest to Skateboard, doing reading with Middle Son and helping Eldest out with homework and then having Driving lessons for myself. And as I don't have my own personal scrapping space I tend to find it hard to get it all out only to find it has to go back pretty soon after :( Been seeing some fantastic projects people have done and feel inspired so hope one day I can get back in to it.

How ever I have been going to Art Group on Tuesdays still and completed my Lion Pencil Drawing. Think the head looks perfect but feel I went wrong with proportion sizes for the rest of the body, but considering I haven't really drawn anything since leaving school its a good first attempt :)

I'm now working on a Lion Oil Pastel Picture, First time of using Oil Pastels properly and I am impressed with the results so far and can see me framing this piece :)

This is a photo of the work I had done so far last week on it:

And here is how it's looking at the moment, nearly there.:

Sorry the Photo isn't great and I have a boat in the way lol it was put on the shelf and then I decided I wanted to take a photo but couldn't be bothered to get it down as the board its on is really heavey.

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