Friday, 3 June 2011

Wow a third post today for you all, that's a rarity for me lol. But I wanted to share with you all my boy's Canvas paintings they have done today.

First up is My Eldest Todd
He has gone for a Beach scene and he has painted Me and Daddy and himself :) I love the colours and I love the Beach :)

Next is my Middle son Oscar,

This painting reminds me of an Artist but I can't think who right now lol. When I asked Oscar what the painting was of he said they were lots of doors and Me and Him were at the bottom going through them all to try and get to the top. :)
And last of all my little man Connor,

He hasn't said his painting is of but it still looks cool to me :)

I have little budding artists in the making and it was really nice to see them being creative and having fun, I will be defiantly doing this activity with them again soon :)

The Canvas came from the £1 shop along with the Acrylic Paints included and I thought perfect when I saw them and I'm so glad I got them.


Chrissy said...

Awwww so cute!!! Your boys are very good with colour. xxx

Chrissy. xx

danemi1 said...

awww bless them - totally adorable! I love it when the children bring me gifts like these - so totally cute - only sadness is I cant possibly keep them all as the house would feinitely split at the seams then I have taken photos of lots of them just like you have here - and have done several layouts including them! These are treasured times - enjoy xxxxx

Sue said...

awww I Love them all ..they definitely deserve a prime place to show them off.

Jane said...

great paintings, I liked the idea of the door one!

fatmonica said...

Great pictures and lovely photos!