Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Penguin Costume & Mini Book

Hi peeps, just a couple of things to share, but as the day goes by there may be more depending on how much crafting I get done today lol. Currently got youngest pretending to be a doctor and me being the patient as I type lol.

Well here is my penguin costume I made for middle son. It's typical of me to do things last minute and panic that I'm not going to have something done in time lol. This time round it was Book Week and Friday the 8th the Eldest and Middle Son's School were haveing a dress up as a book character day to celebrate. Well Eldests wasn't to bad as I found a fab Robin Hood costume on Ebay which I got him and thankfully it arrived in time. I only had the week to get sorted lol unfortunantly Middle Son has a huge thing for penguins and so I went on a search to find a fab penguin costume and came across a pattern which unfortunantly didn't arrive until wednesday afternoon, which then I had to go and buy the fabric and get my sewing machine out too, that hadn't even seen the light of day since it had been bought 4yrs ago as a xmas prezzy from FIL lol So yah I only had Thursday to get it complete which was a challenge too as I hadn't sewn anything let alone used a pattern since I went to school, so after a day of tears and bad language and calling varius peeps for help I finally completed the body part at 2am which then I retired to bed to get back up at 7am to get the boys ready and finish the hood part which I ended up haveing to drop into the school when I completed. But after everything the costume came together and looks fab even if my stitches are rather wonkey in places lol the main thing is Middle Son absolutly loves it and is constantly wareing it when hes not at school, which has made makeing it all the more worth it :) Here are the photos I took of him showing it off :)

I decided to sign up to a team on UKscrappers to help get me more motivated to scrap. And I definantly say it's working and I have a bunch of wonderful ladies on my team :) Not long after our team was set up we were invited to a house team called Green Buttons and they were haveing a Cyber Crop which they said we could join in if we liked and so ok I didn't quite get round to joining in on the actual weekend but I'm now going through the classes. which I'll add to my blog as I complete them. First up is my attempt at Jemma Sharrock's Lean Mean Minni Book. Here is a link to her blog if you fancey taking a peek -

I used a sheet of Blue Cardstock to make the main book and a sheet of patterned paper from the A Shore Thing Collection and The Penguin Dude Stamp from the same collection to decorate the book :) And the book is full of photos from My Birthday trip to Swanage.

The cover with title:

Page 1 & 2

Page 3 & 4 with tags, which I put a photo on each side of the tag.

I have a pull out tag in between page 4 & 5 which I have a photo on one side

and journalling about my Day out in Swanage on the other side.

Page 5 and 6

Page 7 & 8 and another tag with photos of the steam trains on each side.


Alix said...

oooh you've done a great job on the costume and he minibook...can't help notice there is a penguin thing going on here!!

Jimjams said...

This is SO cute - I love the blue and orange combo with the penguins. I'm glad you enjoyed my mini-book class and the motivation of being in a team - there'll be no stopping you now!