Friday, 29 October 2010

Sewing, Mask Making & Craft Time With My Boys

Hi guys, had a bit of crafty time with the boys today. We made what middle son calls stick men lol. I bought three small woolen mop sticks for 29p each and a couple of packs of face feature stickers for 99p and a pack of pipecleaners for 99p a while back in a local shop and finally got round to getting them out and helping the boys to make their stickmen. Here is Middle son with his:

Youngest with his:

And last of all Eldest with his:

And the three stickmen together:

Can see the boys wanting to make a stage next for their stickmen, better keep my eyes peeled for the perfect box lol.
Well finally I can reveal what I have been making all week , can you guess what the bucket of newspaper choppings are for?.................yep you got it, its for papermache.

I got three balloons and blew them up to the same size of each of my boys faces and covered half of the balloon in the papermache and last of all modroc and set them aside to dry.

Once the modroc had hardened I popped the balloon, but I felt that it needed a layer of modroc inside too to make it more stronger.

The mask at the ready for decoration:

I painted each of the masks in stripes to go with their costumes. Eldest - Blue and Green, Middleson - Orange and Green and youngest a mix of all three colours - Blue, Orange and Green. I then covered the masks in glue:
I then Covered the masks in the threads and bits that came off the fabric used for the costumes, Here are the masks finished:


And last of all middle sons mask:

I want to try and get hold of some sequin waste to use in the eyes, but if can't get hold of any then I don't think it matters to much. Here is the eldest with his Costume on, I made his a jumper style top and managed to get some fab Deeley Boppers in Claires Accessories :)

Eldest again but without his mask:

Here is my middle son with his costume on, I made him a tabbard style costume. Still need to stick the velcro to the sides and I have a pair of knee high socks in Orange and Green that I'm going to cut the toes part off for fingers and make a whole for his thumb. :) Got him some pink Deeley Boppers, Well truth is he choose them and they worked well so I got them.

Here's Middle son again but without his mask:

Last up is my youngest, again I made a tabbard style costume basically because they are easier to make and I found Eldests a bit of a struggle to make. Like middle son's costume I still need to put the velcro on the sides. Youngest also has some Deeley Boppers in white to wear.

I also need to add some elastic to the masks so they stay on without haveing to be held.
I found a leaflet advertising a Space Theamed party at the Christian Centre for School aged children in Eldests book bag and decided to put Eldest and Youngest's name down for it :) Unforunantly my youngest isn't old enough to go and I didn't want him to feel too left out so I made him a costume too.

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Alix said...

oh i love the costuemes, you've done a fabby job...and the boys look so happy in them!