Monday, 1 February 2010

I haven't much to share at the moment, My time has been taken up recently remaking Digital LOs that I made a long time ago when I firsted out as they are wrong resolution and size to get printed. Going through redoing them all hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be lol. Its been nice going through old kits and on some of the LOs looking at them now I dont feel they were worthy of getting printed so its been nice improving them :).

Heres a couple of new LOs one being the last 3 days of January for p365.
This LO kind of looks out of place with the other 365 LOs I have made but I like it :) I made it useing Spinky Dinks - Spinky Spank Kit and All Good Things Kit and Biograffiti's project 365 Simple Salution Jan 2010 Dates part of the kit.
The Other LO I have done is this one below using Spinky Dink's Unforgettable kit. The photo is of my 3 boys haveing a cuddle on the sofar :)

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