Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Here's my Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Holidays in Hand pages. So 13/25 LOs done lol. I will get there lol. I'm actually shocked on how many LOs I've completed using only two kits, it's a record for me. :)

Made Mince Pies yesterday with my boys and a friend, have to say they tasted great but looked a little like road kill mince pies after the difficulty we had getting them out of the trey lol. Today me and my friend helped the boys make some Christmas Cards, My eldest was definantly on a roll with his. They were really simple for the boys to make. I bought a pack of 40 sheets of card for a £1 and a bundle of wrapping paper and 2 extra sheets for £1.24, So all in all a bargain and we helped the boys cut the pictures they wanted to use and helped fold the card ready for the boys to stick their pictures on. My eldest also attempted some writting which was fab. We will be continueing with some more makes as the days go by in our prep for xmas :) And when I get the chance I'll post some piccys.

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