Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ok so I'm being a little crazy taking on another project, and after looking at my hubby's face when I told him about it I could tell he was not overly impressed lol as he says I way to much stuff to finnish let alone start. And I know he's right and I know I'm not the best person to take on long projects but I really liked the look of this and the best part was it was free :)

I've signed up for Jessica Sprague's Holidays In Hand 2009 class and I really hope to be able to keep up, I feel that it will be a fantastic keepsake at the end, not to mention get me motivated to make a christmas to remember and set in some new family traditions and bring in some of my childhood ones in along the way.

Assignment 1 - Write your Values and Goals.

Our Xmas every yr gets alittle hectic as we take it in turns in either going to my folks or to hubby' parents, whether it be held at theirs either or at either of my sister in laws. But I feel spending time with family is what christmas is all about.

  1. Spend time with the family
  2. Want to have stockings ready and filled for my boys a week before xmas, not last minute.
  3. Would like to get xmas cards out whether bought or made, but want to send them to all close family.
  4. Make things with the kids to do with xmas to get them in the spirit.
  5. Have all the presents bought and wrapped and not left to last minute.
  6. Make an Xmas Calendar that will last for yrs to come. That will hopefully set a tradition to my boys :)

Assignment 2 - Commit

I commit to finding at least twenty minutes a day to do Recording/Writing/Photographing/Savouring/Printing/Glueing/Scrapbooking/Remembering/Slowing down every day in December

Sounds scarey but I think it can be done. I get the evenings to do what I like, just have to get myself motivated :)

Assignment 3 - Organising

I have looked through the Organised Christmas link

and I like the look of the card check list planner, gift idea list planner and xmas pocket planner and thinking of encorporating these into my LOs as I'm thinking of trying to do a LO a day.

Day 2 December Prompts

I have as of yet to print out my prompts but thinking 5x5 will be the best size for me and display them using a clipboard. My plan is to fill out the Make and Do sections the day before or morning of so that it can fit in with our family as you never know what may crop up.

Things To Make

I have a few ideas:

  1. kaisercraft Calendar - I have had my eye on it for some time lol and also would like one that can be used yrs to come :)
  2. Making Cards for close family
  3. Making Mince pies
  4. Making Xmas Cake
  5. Making chocolate Yule Log
  6. Making Xmas Crackers

All of which can be done with my boys to involve them in the xmas prep and get them in the spirit. I'm also enrolled on to a Xmas craft course with my middle son at our local Children's Centre, running three Tuesdays in December, so it should be a lot of fun this yr. :)

I'm sure I will come up with more Make Ideas through the month lol.

Do List - I'm yet to sort out but again I'll be filling this out the night before or the morning of.

Assignment 3 - Watch this space as I have to print (hope I have enough ink (eek not sure I have :( but we will see. ) and make my way of displaying the prompts wish me luck lol.


sharyncarlson said...

Sounds like you're off to a really great start for HIH! Hope you enjoy the rest of class :)

Kathie said...

Hi Vixen!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Great to have new people! If you can email me your address and how many butterflies you would like and what colours, I will make some up for you and post them to you specially! I have relatives in the Uk. My dad was from Essex.
See you soon
Ps Join as a follower and its easier to find me too!!!!