Friday, 1 February 2008

Sorry the Pictures aren't in order.

The pics above are of my decorated Chipboard In The Mix Book. I'm hoping to take a photo of Connor each month and put the photo in the book under the rght month and by the end see how he has changed over the yr. To decorate the book above I used stash I bought from Craftsulove online shop and I used Sukura Embossed pens Black and Blue. I have another 2 In The Mix Books that I'm trying to get time to decorate for my other 2 boys. One Spiderman theme and the second is to be Bob The Builder Theme.

from boland


Hayley & Martyn said...

Hi! Just seen your link on UKS!

The book is gorgeous!


Louise said...

gorgeous book Tracey... you have decorated it beautifully

willowthewysp said...

That is a lovely idea...and it looks beautiful too:)

Eleni said...

Beautiful book! :D

michele said...

hi, just found your link on uks. your book is lovely.a clever way to remember the first year.
michele (elehcim(uks))

Ruth said...

It's lovely, make sure you post it when you have all the photos in!!