Friday, 2 February 2007

This page I like, it reminds me of what a good day we had out me, my boys, my father in law, my best friend with her family and my folks. My eldest had so much fun splashing in the sea and i think I did well capturing the best moments of the day.
I even wrote the name of the beach in the sand which I thought was good to use for the title. Though I hadn't at the time decided i was going to do a page on the day.
It was when I got home to find My eldest had brung sand home in his shoes and sea weed and shells in his pockets that I decided I was going to do a page and add them to it. So I made little raised frames using acetate sticky pads and seaish paper. I think it turned out quite well and at the time I didn't know about journalling or hiding photos etc.

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